6 Reasons To Play European Roulette Over American Roulette

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If you are into gaming, you would know how amazing it feels to have known amazing and advanced features of the game and compare it with the other alternatives available.

Once we get a better option in between the two, there is no looking back when it comes to our gaming expertise and the fun we entail from it. If you are having a hard time deciding between European Roulette and American Roulette, we have brought this guide for you.

We present various reasons as to why the European version of the games has an edge over the other one. Let’s start!

European Roulette And American Roulette

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The game consists of a wheel that spins and casinos across the world feature this game. It comes with not one or two but many versions and the European version, American version are a part of it. Rules of all the versions differ and what each game offers may be completely contrasting to what the other game lends. Hence, getting to know the different versions before getting into the game would be a good call.

European Roulette is fiddled using a wheel along with colorful pockets of black and red colour. If you have played a casino in the actual physical world, you would feel acquainted with this game. Here, you get 37 pockets each having numbers one to thirty-six. There is also a green-coloured pocket and has the numeral zero.

American Roulette is another sensational, and fascinating game which provides a broad variety of chances. It also has a wheel as the European Roulette game. It also has thirty-seven pockets, but each one has a number zero to thirty-six. Out of these, eighteen pockets have black coloured numerals, other eighteen have red numerals and zero is coloured green.

What Is The Difference

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The most basic difference in both games is the extra 00 number that the American version of the game has. Removing 00 from the American version will render you the European version.

  • The American Roulette has thirty-eight numbers in which there are thirty-six are red and black and two green numbers. The European Roulette has Thirty-seven numbers in which there are thirty-six back and red numbers and one green number.
  • Talking about the house edge, the American version has 5.26% house edge which is approximately double the house edge of the European version which is 2.70%.
  • Both these games also differ in the way the numerals are arranged. Both have completely contrasting arrangements of numerals.
  • The European version comes with an en prison rule as is offered by a casino. It also offers call bets covering particular sections of the wheel.

Why Is The European Version Better?

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  1. The European version is extremely popular in comparison with the American version because it offers bigger chances to earn. In the European version, the way to bet is extremely easy. All that is needed to be done is to put the chip on the desired bet and the spinning is then run by pressing it.
  2. What makes the European version better is the higher chances that the player gets to win the game. The chances of winning are higher in this game because an additional pocket rides the house edge from 2.7% to 5.26%thus doubling the edge. This sole reason can be enough of a defender of the fact that European Roulette is better than The American one.
  3. The extra regulations in European Roulette form another reason for the extreme popularity of this game in comparison to its other counterpart. These extra regulations can be thrown in the user’s court positively in case the user has a good amount of experience and skills in this game.
  4. European Roulette furthermore retains the purpose of partaking in call bets.
  5. In a shell, people prefer the European version of the game if they are beginners into the game. The game lends a seamless experience to the users on both laptops as well as mobile phones.
  6. The best part is the digital version of the game, which gives you a chance to play even while spending quality time with your relatives or members. Earning in this version is extremely easy and you can increase your bank balance even while hiring a taxi or eating at a joint.

All these features make the European version win against the American one clearly and thus is a more popular choice amongst the players.

Call Bets

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Call bet in the game is a kind of wager. Find a dealer, lend chips to him/her, and in return the dealer would put bets for you. By putting a bet on a call, you are just easing the game for yourself.

There exist two variations of bets, one being the inside bet and the other being the outside bet.

Rules Of The Game

Before getting into any game, it is mandatory to go through all the rules and regulations. Only then the player would be able to secure a position. Here, in the European version, the regulations are simple and basic. They use different technical terms for dealers, players and bets. Dealer is referred to as ‘croupier’. The dealer spins the ball on the wheel and then the call falls into the pocket.

The numerals in the game. have numbers zero to thirty-six each. The colours of eighteen numerals are red, the other eighteen are coloured black and the zero is green coloured. The gamer puts a bet and the ball has to fall into the pocket with a numeral the same as that the gamer better on. This way, the player wins.

To get a deeper insight into the rules, bets and other terms of the game along with getting a chance to play it virtually, we recommend you visit onlineunitedstatescasinos.com and get yourself some good dollars.


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Thus the article must have sorted your dilemma of choosing between the two. The European version is a must go with because it provides higher chances of winning and earning. Besides, winning depends more on how good a player you are, how experienced you are in the game and what tips and tricks you follow while lasting your shot in it.