The Benefits That an Addict Can Attain From Faith-Based Treatment Program


Almost 70% of the addiction treatment programs in the United States of America pertain to the spiritual programs for recovery. The 12-step program is the one that almost 2/3 addicted people in the US are using everyday of their lives to combat addiction which tells a lot about how important these spiritual rehab treatment programs really are these days where we have gotten astray from our spiritual beliefs and upbringings.

It is no news that substance abuse disorders are chronic, they will last a lifetime and these diseases can worsen overtime if not treated or taken care of. There are thousands of people around the US that are suffering from addiction problem, it can be addiction related to alcohol, it can be addiction related to drugs, it can be addiction related to fast food, sex, gaming, and many other things. There is no set limit to what someone can get addicted to—every person’s addiction case is unique and will require a unique set of steps to combat their addiction problem.

There are quite a few programs for treating the addiction crisis in the US that are performed on the physical medium, while these programs at the same time do not address the spiritual needs of the patient. Any Christian rehab treatment center has a firm belief that faith plays an immense vital role in the healing of an addict and taking them back to how they used to be. Therefore, in this article, we will be sharing some of the most effective benefits that a faith-based treatment program can give to addicts, they are the following:

Relapsing Behavior Will Be Controlled and Its Chances of Ever Occurring Would Be Diminished a Great Deal


According to a research done by the University of California in 2019, about 82 percent of the people that had gone through a spiritual awakening were seen to have reduced chances of relapsing as compared to the subjects that were not given spiritual treatment to awaken their spirituality. Why is this so? The reason came to be known as isolation.

When someone is isolated from their friends, families, and colleagues etc. the wavering thoughts can double down and all the focus shifts to addiction. And why does a spiritual program help in this regard? Just think about it. Imagine an entity that tells you with love and compassion that he will always be there for you whenever you need him. That is a powerful statement, whenever you need him, he will be there. And these “whenever” times are the ones that we cannot show to our loved ones even because we, to some extent, are afraid of the fact that we might be judged or later on, we will be judged or labeled a certain way.

Therefore, a spiritual program totally takes that feeling of vulnerability and judgment away, because god will be there, god won’t judge you, god won’t condemn you, god won’t make loose statements of your vulnerable moment nor will he use it at times to hurt you. God is ever forgiving, god is good, god in other words, is love in this context. So, always being there can reduce the feelings of relapse, can subside such thoughts and it is a proven fact now due to thousands of results and researches done by various institutions.

Anxious Thoughts Are Controlled and Subdued Before They Can Get Going


What does faith do? What is trust? Faith and trust both are just trying to remind you of one thing and one thing only. That thing is that no matter what the future holds, have faith that it will all be alright. So, wouldn’t you think when you have faith in god, all your problems, all your issues, all your things that you are constantly worrying about will be in good hands? The hands of the god that you have started to put your faith in, trust in him for each and everything? So, this is what a faith-based program does—it amplifies the trust a person should have on the god that they believe in. When you have faith, your anxious thoughts start to disappear. It is just a natural thing that happens when you trust in god.

When we go to god for everything that we think of, good thoughts and bad thoughts, we are confining in him, we are trusting him with our thoughts and intentions, and when we do that, anxiety leaves the body and all that remains are trust and faith. In the end, the faith-based program will instill a thought of trust in us for god, that he is bigger than the addiction that we are facing and make no mistake about it, the next time those relapse thoughts come, those negative thoughts ensue, you have one way to go to and that is to god and this just completely dissipates your anxiety and makes you feel whole.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms and Skills Are Taught


Guidance is taught in faith-based programs through the teachings of the Bible as well as therapy sessions along with various groups. The scripture of the Bible will help you behave according to the situation that you find yourself in. You will be learning and applying the teachings of the Bible and it will make you feel like a new person, a new you.

Whether it is sin or whether it is about being obedient, the teachings of the Bible will help you understand how to cope and take control of a situation that would previously break you in pieces. It is all about reforming yourself, you will be learning ways to live like never before, cheating and lying will be properly taught to stay away from, its consequences will be taught as to why it is bad intrinsically. How to combat relapse thoughts through these faith-based teachings will also be taught.

All in all, it will be a rewarding experience to finally say goodbye to your addiction problem. Additional benefits of faith-based recovery are lowered depression, a positive new look at life, and being more hopeful along with having a goal that helps humankind. If you would like to have such aspects be a part of your life, then click here now and find your true self.