Are Compass Swimming Pools Easy to Maintain?

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Having a pool in your backyard is truly a wonderful experience. Pool owners are often very proud, precisely because gatherings and socializing near the pool are simply irreplaceable. Especially if you live in a place where summer lasts a little longer. However, with the pool come many other obligations that need to be accepted. If you already own a pool, then you know I’m talking about its cleaning. When you decide to install a pool next to your home, you very often forget that it is not only a pastime but also requires periodic obligations.

Still, maintaining a pool doesn’t have to be kind of a nightmare. How much work you will have, certainly depends on the quality and materials from which the pool is made. Our friends from Compass Swimming Pools company shared with us their secrets and ways to properly maintain swimming pools without thinking of it as a big problem. There are many different ways to maintain your pool, some of which you can do yourself and some of which you need professional help.

Why is maintenance necessary?

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Pool hygiene does not only mean removing dirt, but also maintaining the quality of the water itself. That is why every pool needs a water filtration system. This system allows you to purify the water id of various bacteria and algae that affect you and they certainly can affect your health. In this way, by filtering, you enable the water to remain safe for all health and hygiene. Nevertheless, you have not finished all the work with filtering. It is necessary to occasionally add chlorine or certain salts. However, even with this, you need to know how and how much so as not to create a counter effect.

If you really want to enjoy your pool safely, you really need to know how to clean it. As we have already said, there are different methods for cleaning it. You can clean compass swimming pools yourself, you can have an automatic cleaning system or robotic pool cleaning.

Pool cleaning by hand

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In order to clean the pool by hand, you need dressed-up props. These most often include a telescope, a skimmer net, a hand-held vacuum cleaner for the base and the like.

If you want to clean the walls and floor of your pool, you will need an adjustable telescopic rod. Be patient because this is not a few-minute job. You can also attach a brush to get rid of algae and persistent dirt from the pools. You can attach a skimmer net to this same stick to collect dirt that has been caused by the wind or that has dripped during pool cleaning. The handheld vacuum cleaner is also used together with a telescopic rod, and its hose is long enough to be able to reach every corner of the pool.

Of course, what kind of brushes, cloths and even a vacuum cleaner you will use depends on the material from which your base was built. But either way, don’t expect this to be an easy job that doesn’t require a lot of your time and concentration. If you want it to be perfectly clean, the pool should be cleaned every day, and brushed and vacuumed every 2 to 3 days.

Automatic pool cleaners

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If you are one of those who do not have much time to deal with pool cleaning or you simply love to dedicate that time to rest, then the right thing for you is an automatic pool cleaner. It is clear to you that it costs much more than funds and aids to manually clean the pool, but you will save time and effort. Even though it may seem like too much of an investment at first glance, believe me, it still makes sense. We have several different types of car cleaners, depending on the purpose and model that suits your pool.

Suction side cleaners are automatic cleaner that attaches to the water filtration part. The water that is sucked through it moves it along the bottom of your pool and thus collects dirt. Depending on the type of cleaner, some can even climb to the edges of your pool. This is the cheapest variant of the automatic cleaner. Their biggest drawback is that they can only work when the pool pump is running. They are not practical when it comes to saving electricity, because the pump will have to work longer because of them. However, they are very easy to maintain and save time.

Pressure cleaners that clean the sides are much more efficient, but of course also more expensive than the previous cleaner. They are attached to return jets. They are the parts of the filter system that return water to the pool after it is filtered. These cleaners have a jug that filters water, as well as a hose that cleans the surface of your pool. Water pushes this cleaner out of the return nozzles and in this way it starts, accumulating all the dirt in the filter bag.

The most advanced among automatic pool cleaners are the robotic pool cleaner. Unlike the previous two models that work exclusively with the pool system, this type of cleaner works independently, on electricity. It has a very long power cord and operates at extremely low voltages. Even though it is an electrical device, there is no need to worry. This cleaner is absolutely safe. The plug is designed so that it can only be plugged into sockets that support automatic shut-off if any electrical imbalance occurs.

The robot pool cleaner has brushes and a vacuum cleaner and cleans very precisely and thoroughly. You will be delighted with his work, and the only thing that requires you is regular cleaning. However, it does not require more than a few minutes of work. As you can imagine, the robot pool cleaner is much more expensive than its predecessors. However, given the safety, simplicity and precision of this vacuum cleaner, the price is not unrealistically high.

Exclusive Compass self-cleaning swimming pool

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This is something truly exclusive and unique. Compas swimming pool has made sure to provide you with the latest pool self-cleaning technology, even while you sleep. This system is integrated into the pool floor and with the help of numerous jets escapes water pushing dirt.