3 Things to Know About Animal Symbolism in Jewelry

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Jewelry is a great and significant way to express oneself. It is not always merely a piece of accessory but can also hold sentimental as well as symbolic value. Jewelries come in different designs and patterns and this can help one in choosing the jewelry piece that best suits their personality. Wearing animal shaped, carved and inspired jewelry is one such way to express oneself. Different animals can signify different things based on the symbolism attached to them. Here are 3 things that one should know about animal symbolism in jewelry:

1. It is meaningful

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Animal-inspired jewelry is not just a fashion trend without any deeper meaning. They are meaningful in the sense that they usually signify the qualities of that particular animal. Although people may choose to go with a particular design of animal ornamentsjust because they find it cute and just because it will enhance their overall outfit, the meaning behind that piece cannot be ignored.

For example, fox jewelry which one can buy from celticminkjewelry.com can be chosen to express one’s qualities of loyalty, creativity, and passion.

2. It can express different thing in different cultures

Although a single type of animal has the same characteristics as that of any other animal of that breed, the meaning and the perception of different animals amongst various cultures can vary. This can affect the symbolism of that particular animal in that culture.

Some animals which might have a positive connotation in one culture, might be negatively perceived in the other. For example snake shaped ornaments can act as a great fashion statement piece as well as be considered to mean the endless cycle of life in certain cultures but on the other hand a snake may be seen as a carrier of negative energy. But even though not always culturally appropriate, animal-inspired jewelry can act as a great medium to amp up any outfit.

3. Different animals have different symbolism based on their characteristics

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Another thing one should know about animal symbolism in jewelry is that different animals possess different qualities and cultural connotations hence they have varied symbolistic value based on their characteristics and perceivability. Some of the symbolistic animal qualities are –

  • Seahorse shaped ornaments can symbolize qualities like power and strength. It is said to bring about good luck.
  • Butterfly shaped jewelry, which are really popular, signify the rebirth and change just like that of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly; it also expresses the freedom that comes with being a butterfly. It is generally a very positive design and symbolizes hope.
  • Snake jewelry can look really aesthetically pleasing and creative. It also goes with many different outfits and gothic or darker aesthetics. A snake ornament can represent the cycle of life and death and the concept of rebirth and an unending cycle of immortality.
  • Bee-shaped jewelry is also something that is very in trend right now. It signifies the summertime, spring and the season of blooming as bees are the animal which play an important role in the pollination of the plants.
  • Cat-shaped ornaments are one such piece which can have different meanings in different cultures. Largely, this type of design defines secrecy and mystery. Cats were also praised in ancient egypt which makes them very significant. But there are still some cultures that hold a negative perception of cats hence influencing their interpretation of cat shaped jewelry.
  • Dogs are another such animal which is loved by many people, especially pet owners and dog parents. A dog-inspired jewelry piece is something that expresses wholesomeness and companion just like the personality of a dog. It provides happiness and comfort to the wearer.
  • Elephant-shaped patterns and designs are very common in many South Asian cultures. Elephants are considered to be grand animals that are often associated with stability, loyalty and peace and hence elephant shaped jewelry also symbolizes that.
  • Hummingbird shaped ornaments, which often look very cute and ethnic, also has a great meaning behind it. In many cultures, via the presence of folklores, hummingbirds are considered to be the birds that carry happy and positive news. A hummingbird jewelry piece, like a necklace or a ring can symbolize love.
  • Similarly, another bird shaped ornament is that of an owl. Owls are considered to be intelligent, often associated with the word ‘wise’. Hence, owl jewelry signifies knowledge as well as mystery. It can also be a way to symbolize magic.

4. One need not wear a jewelry necessarily for a symbolism

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There can be times where one might like the design of a piece of ornament but might not relate to the symbolism associated with it. Jewelry is just a way to accessorize and hence if one chooses to wear a piece without focusing on what it signifies or what message it perpetuates, one can do so.

People can even wear combinations of different animal charms in their ornaments which might even conflict in meaning. Especially with the advent of polymer clay jewelry which can be molded in different aesthetic shapes of cute animals, less importance is placed on the symbolism and more efforts are placed on the aesthetic of the overall piece.


In conclusion, it can be said that the jewelry one chooses to wear is a great way to express oneself and one’s qualities without it being too on the nose. Such ornaments can subsequently be used to amp up one’s outfits to make them look better and more put together. Moreover they can be versatile pieces that go with different clothing items.

Different animals also symbolize different things based on the general characteristics they possess, their life cycle, and how they are perceived by the people. This perception of various animals can also differ from culture to culture. But just like any other jewelry design, it is not necessary for a person to only wear a piece just because of what it symbolizes, some people can choose to do so just to make an outfit look good or match a certain aesthetic.